Dr. Matt Solven

Making the dental experience more comfortable for anxious patients is something that Dr. Matt Solven finds extremely rewarding. He has worked at Redcliff Family Dental for over 10 years, and has proved his dedication to the practice and the community by purchasing the clinic in 2014.

Dr. Solven graduated in 2003 from the University of New Brunswick, in Fredericton, with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. In 2007, he graduated with his Degree in Dental Surgery from Dalhousie University in Halifax. Dr. Solven specializes in root canals, cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery and working with children.

Continuing education is vital. Dr. Solven has participated in: Dental Innovator Study Club, Seattle Study Club, Art of Endodontics in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas Institute CORE III and the Pacific, American and Jasper Dental Conferences. He belongs to the Medicine Hat Dental Society, and the Canadian Dental Association.

Having always lived in the Maritimes, Dr. Solven moved over ten years ago to Medicine Hat and now calls it home. He loves the weather and the availability of family-centred activities that he enjoys with his wife, Dr. Leanne Doughty, and three young children. Dr. Solven appreciates that Redcliff is close to a large city but has a small town feel. He is a member of the Medicine Hat Kinsmen Society, enjoys swimming, cooking and photography. What was meant to be a short-term move has turned into a life-time commitment for Dr. Solven.